Volunteers, Supporting the "Quit Smoking Marathon"

The "Quit Smoking Marathon" is supported by many Volunteers.

Graduate Volunteers

Ex-smokers, completing the Quit Smoking Marathon course, are called "graduates", comparing this Marathon with a school. Ex-smokers graduated from the "first class" of the Quit Smoking Marathon, those graduated from the "second class", and those graduated from the "third class" are respectively called first-class, second-class, and third-class graduates. These graduates serve as a range of volunteers who support administrative and management affairs involving the "Quit Smoking Marathon", or they send e-mail to runners as "accompanying runners". A senior's advice, beginning with "Hello, I am ***, a **-class graduate", will give the best encouragement to you. Go to the "Graduates' Room" to see graduates' activities, functions, and meetings.

Graduates are continuously expected to serve as volunteers in upcoming Quit Smoking Marathons.

Volunteer Doctors

Volunteer doctors throughout Japan read e-mail, usually late at night after their routine hours (including night hours in the case of practitioners), and they, together with Dr. Takahashi, President of the Quit Smoking Marathon, voluntarily answer questions from participants and send e-mail to encourage the participants.

Volunteer President

Yuko Takahashi, M.D.

President's Profile
An internist, residing in Nara Prefecture, Japan

Part-time lecturer, Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine

President's Message
Welcome to our homepage, the Quit Smoking Marathon! I am Yuko Takahashi, presiding over the Quit Smoking Marathon. Happy smiles on smoking-quitters give me very warm support and great pleasure.

Stopping smoking is a treasure that becomes more valuable as it is maintained longer and longer. I really hope every smoker will challenge stopping smoking while supported by many graduates and doctors in Japan.

Volunteers in Management and Administration

Management and administrative deskwork in the fourth to sixth Quit Smoking Marathons have been voluntarily executed in cooperation with the NEC Information Service. Operation of every Quit Smoking Marathon requires huge deskwork, including registration of participants in the mailing list. If this deskwork is entrusted to a third party as pure business-based affairs, the cost of the Quit Smoking Marathon would have expanded tremendously, requiring a considerable cost fee for all participants. We greatly thank the NEC Information Service!

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