Welcome to our Quit Smoking Marathon the internet based program to kick the habit !

There are, we think, two reasons that marathon races strike us. One is that the seriousness of marathon runners toward a long marathon race touches us mentally. Another reason is that runner-coach and runner-audience interactive encouragement and communication are beautiful.

Quitting smoking is like a marathon race, if compared to sports. You, trying to stop smoking, are runners. Advice and supporting e-mail, sent from us, function like a marathon coach. You are welcome to join us in running a four-week Quit Smoking Marathon race, and to obtain a wonderful refreshed feeling, a gift from successful achievement.

All of you have the power to change yourselves. You have potential you do not yet know about. We hope you will make an effort to find your new unknown potential through participation in a Quit Smoking Marathon, and to obtain a smoke-free beautiful life.

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